Satvik Food Project

  • Project Name : Satvik food
  • Project Type : Farmer connect Android App , Admin portal
  • Technology Stack : Android, laravel/Lumen, PHP, Google cloud platform
  • Objective : The client wanted to create a platform where farmers can be onboarded and sell their crops diretly to Satvik Food company. The company has master collection and child collection centers where the crop produce are collected, scrutinized, sorted and dispatched to big clients like Reliance mart, big bazar, star bazar, big basket vendors.
  • Appxerbia develop Android app for farmers , child collection centers , master collection centers including admin portal with good user experience. Farmers can easily get onboard on app by simply logged in after creating new account. There will be list of product on the home screen according to their category  . product details includes their grades, Quantity and price as well.User can add their land details , can see details of the child collection center.
  • Timeline : 6 Months
  • References :
Satvik Food App Login
Satvik Food App All product
Satvik Food App new land registration
Satvik Food scanner QR code
  • Deliverable : Android app for farmers, child collection centers (CCC), master collection center (MCC), company admin portal,