Doordrop Project

  • Project Name : Doordrop
  • Project Type : Admin Portal , Consumer App , Supplier App , Delivery Boy App
  • Technology Stack : Php , Laravel /Lumen  , Cloud , Android , Bootstrap , Javascript
  • Objective : Doordrop is a online Supermarket having the facility of Home delivery. Choose from a wide range of options in every category, exclusively handpicked to help you find the best quality available . Select a time slot for delivery and your order will be delivered right to your doorsteps. You can pay online using your debit / credit card or by cash on delivery .Appxerbia develops all the mobile apps like consumer App , Delivery Boy App , Supplier App which helps you to keep track of all respective information. Also develop Admin portal through which Admin can keep their watch on the entire system.Admin can filter the reports datewise and download their reports, Also can see every past and current record of the suppliers , Delivery Boys , Consumers their respect wallet , can pay their money by using online money transfer system.  
  • References :
       1.Consumer App
Doordrop consumer Category
Doordrop offer details
  • Deliverables of Consumer App :
  •  App onboarding
  • Home screen where consumer can see list of product , their price and little glimpse of offer details.
  • User can choose their product easily by choosing respective general category of the product.
  • User can see detailed offer details on each product 
  • User can add their choosen product into the cart and shop it later and also keep the watch on their wallet details. 

       2. Supplier App

doordrop supplier menu
doordrop supplier app
doordrop supplier app
  • Deliverables of Supplier App :
  •  App onboarding
  • Sidebar where Supplier get all information about products , todays subscription details , Services , their reports and Replacement products
  • Supplier can add product , edit product details
  • Home screen where Supplier can see list of Pending orders , Accepted Orders and Pick up Orders in their respective tabs.

      3. Delivery Boy App :

Doordrop delivery boy app
Doordrop Delivery Boy
Doordrop Delivery Boy app
  • Deliverables of Delivery Boy App :
  •  App onboarding
  • Sidebar where delivery Boy get all information about list of pickup completed , replacement products , Payment reports , Todays Pickup , Todays drop etc
  • Delivery Boy can get all the information about their payment detail in as payment report . Cash collected and submitted and Petrol Reimbursement.