The Dinggg

  • Project Name : The Dinggg
  • Project Type : Entertainment Android App
  • Technology Stack : Android, PHP, bootstrap, Google Cloud Platform
  • Objective : Tiktok like video entertainment app. Dinggg is video sharing social media service for creating , sharing , discovering short music videos, think karaoke for digital age. The app Dinggg used by young people as an outlet to express themselves through singing, dancing, comedy, and lip-syncing. Appxerbia develop this entertaining app for android user using android , php and other basic web development technologies. Anyone can simply login to dinggg and enjoy their feed with entertaining posts. 
  • Like any other social media app we can follow the user we want and we will be able to see their posts in our feed. Dinggg able to show user their daily feed and trending feed which is popular and got more users engaged with. user can simply record their content and post it and their follower can able to see that , like that and comment as well. 
  • Timeline : 35 days
  • Reference :
the Dingg
the dinggg
The dinggg
  • Deliverable : Admin Portal and Android App